2012 Video Voters' Guide - General Election

The Office of the Secretary of State and TVW present the 2012 Washington State General Election Video Voters' Guide. The guide features statements from candidates for U.S. Senator, Governor, Lt. Governor, Secretary of State, State Treasurer, State Auditor, Attorney General, Commissioner of Public Lands, Superintendent of Public Instruction, Insurance Commissioner, and State Supreme Court Justice. The guide also includes statements from supporters and opponents of statewide ballot measures.

For more information on candidates for statewide office and ballot measures, visit the Washington Secretary of State's website: sos.wa.gov/elections/


U.S. Senator   Watch all
Michael Baumgartner
(Prefers Republican Party)
Maria Cantwell
(Prefers Democratic Party)





Governor  Watch all
Jay Inslee
(Prefers Democratic Party)
Rob McKenna
(Prefers Republican Party)





Lt. Governor  Watch all
Bill Finkbeiner
(Prefers Republican Party)
Brad Owen
(Prefers Democratic Party)





Secretary of State  Watch all
Kathleen Drew
(Prefers Democratic Party)
Kim Wyman
(Prefers Republican Party)





State Treasurer  Watch all
Sharon Hanek
(Prefers Republican Party)
Jim McIntire
(Prefers Democratic Party)






State Auditor  Watch all
Troy Kelley
(Prefers Democratic Party)
James Watkins
(Prefers Republican Party)





Attorney General  Watch all
Reagan Dunn
(Prefers Republican Party)
Bob Ferguson
(Prefers Democratic Party)





Commissioner of Public Lands  Watch all
Peter J. Goldmark
(Prefers Democratic Party)
Clint Didier (Prefers Republican Party) did not participate in the video voters' guide.





Superintendent of Public Instruction  Watch all
Randy I. Dorn      





Insurance Commissioner   Watch all
John R. Adams Mike Kreidler






Supreme Court Justice Position 2  Watch all
Susan Owens      





Supreme Court Justice Position 8  Watch all    
Steve Gonzalez    





Supreme Court Justice Position 9  Watch all
Sheryl Gordon McCloud Richard Sanders





Initiative Measure 1185  Watch all
Concerns tax and fee increases imposed by state government.
Don Conant
(Supports Initiative 1185)
Doug MacDonald
(Opposes Initiative 1185)




Initiative Measure 1240  Watch all
Concerns creation of a public charter school system.
Jana Carlisle
(Supports Initiative 1240)
Freedom Johnson
(Opposes Initiative 1240)




Referendum Measure 74  Watch all
Concerns marriage for same-sex couples.
Maureen Walsh
(Supports Referendum 74)
Joseph Backholm
(Opposes Referendum 74)





Initiative to the Legislature 502  Watch all
Concerns marijuana.
John McKay
(Supports Initiative 502)
Poppy Sidhu
(Opposes Initiative 502)




Engrossed Senate Joint Resolution 8221  Watch all
Concerns implementing the Commission on State Debt recommendations regarding Washington's debt limit.
James McIntire
(Supports Resolution 8221)
Jeff Johnson
(Opposes Resolution 8221)




Senate Joint Resolution 8223  Watch all
Concerns investments by the University of Washington and Washington State University.
Larry Seaquist
(Supports Resolution 8223)
Maralyn Chase
(Opposes Resolution 8223)