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Opponents of same-sex marriage concede defeat

Opponents of same-sex marriage conceded defeated today, blaming secular voters in Washington and a financial disadvantage.

“Washington has a very high percentage of voters who never attend church, and polling showed that 80 percent of unchurched voters approved of Referendum 74. On top of that, our opponents had a giant financial advantage, outspending us by $10 million, so the odds became even more difficult,” said Joseph Backholm, chairman of Preserve Marriage Washington, in a statement on the campaign’s website.

Supporters of same-sex marriage declared victory on Wednesday after their number-crunchers determined that they would be able to hold onto their early lead. At last count, same-sex marriage was winning with 52 percent of the vote.

Gov. Chris Gregoire released a statement praising the passage of Referendum 74. Gregoire introduced the legislation that would become the same-sex marriage bill at the beginning of the year.

“Washington has made history and I couldn’t be prouder. Voters stood up for what is right and what is just and said that all Washington families are equal under the law. I am proud that our LGBT families will no longer be treated as separate but equal, they will be equal,” Gregoire said.

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