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Senators hear testimony from global warming skeptic

The debate over climate change continued Tuesday in the Senate Energy Committee, where Republican chairman Sen. Doug Ericksen invited testimony from a professor who argued that global warming is not a man-made problem.

It comes on the heels of the House’s approval on Monday of a climate change bill. The bill, which was requested by Gov. Jay Inslee and previously passed by the Senate, creates a work group to study ways to reduce greenhouse gas emissions in Washington state.

Ericksen said in a press release he invited the professor so there could be  “multiple views” on the issue. “Earlier in the session, the governor gave his side of the issue and now we’ll hear from an expert with a different viewpoint,” he said.

Dr. Don Easterbrook, a geology professor emeritus at Western Washington University, spoke directly to some of the claims made during the previous day’s discussion of SB 5802.

“Global warming ended in 1998,” said Easterbrook. “Even the chairman of the U.N. group that has been pushing CO2 as the cause of climate change admits there has been no global warming in the past 15 years.”

Throughout the presentation Easterbrook presented data to support claims that global warming is cyclical. He also said that carbon dioxide cannot cause climate change, that the Antarctic sheet is not shrinking, but growing, and that severe storms are no more frequent today than they have been in years past.

“There’s nothing new about global warming,” Eastbrook said. “It’s been going on for thousands of years at much higher rates for much longer periods of time than we’ve experienced since CO2 levels began to become elevated.”

Eastbrook fielded several questions from senators who asked about contradicting studies that they’ve received from previous panels of experts.

“What you just put out on your slide goes contrary to the data that I have before me,” said Sen. Kevin Ranker (D – Orcas Island).

“What you’re looking at is data that has been tampered with by NOA and NASA,” said Eastbrook in response.  “I’m not saying that they have done something which is spurious and evil, what I’m saying is they have what you call ‘adjusted’ data.”

Watch his presentation below:

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