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Gov. Inslee says a budget deal is ‘imminent’

Gov. Jay Inslee said Monday afternoon a budget agreement is “imminent” and could come as soon as the end of the day.

“In the last few hours there have been very significant breakthroughs that have left no excuse for legislators not to reach an agreement very quickly,” Inslee said.

His comments came just hours after state agencies began issuing thousands of temporary layoff notices to state workers. Dozens of state government agencies would be forced to partially or completely shut down if a budget is not finalized by June 30.

“The fact that these notices had to go out caused me enormous frustration,” Inslee said.

He said he will rescind the layoff notices as soon as he signs the budget.

Inslee declined to discuss the “breakthrough” that prompted his optimism. But he said it was the “key that can open the lock that has been separating the parties.”

TVW taped Inslee’s remarks — you can watch it here.

Update: A spokeswoman from the House Democrats says that there’s still no budget deal as of Tuesday morning.

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