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Gov. Inslee signs budget in time to avoid shutdown

Gov. Jay Inslee signed the budget on Sunday afternoon, preventing a government shutdown that would have occurred had a spending plan not been in place by midnight.

“I’m going to be signing an operating budget which will allow the state of Washington to do good things in times of tough challenges,” Inslee said before signing the document.

Inslee vetoed about 17 items in the budget, including one that would have directed State Auditor Troy Kelley to conduct several audits requested by the Legislature. Inslee wrote in the veto that the auditor “should select the audits he will perform within his limited funds.” Audits requested by the Legislature should be performed by a joint legislative committee, Inslee said.

Inslee praised the budget for putting $1 billion into basic K-12 education. That includes funding for 6,000 new teachers, 1,700 additional preschool slots and 20 new child protective service workers, he said.

TVW taped the signing ceremony — watch it here.

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