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Superintendent’s office releases state test scores

More than 90 percent of high school seniors in the class of 2013 have passed graduation test requirements, according to data released by the state Office of Superintendent of Public Instruction on Monday.

To graduate, students must pass a reading, writing and a math test. This year’s class was the first class in the state that was required to pass a math exam to graduate. About 95 percent of graduating students passed the reading and writing tests, while 92 percent passed the math test. Ninety percent passed all three tests.

Superintendent Randy Dorn said the test results were “flat” when compared to last year, but said the state has been improving steadily over the past five years in reading, math and science in all grades. “The system is improving,” he said.

Dorn said the state Legislature made the “right move” in reducing the number of graduation requirements to three tests. “Before this year we had five assessments,” he said. “That was too many.”

In addition to the assessment tests, students must also fulfill three other graduation requirements that include credits, a culminating project and a written plan of their future goals. Final graduation rates won’t be released until next year.

Dorn said the state is still struggling to overcome the achievement gap among minority students, and he called on the state Legislature to make a bigger investment in education.

The superintendent’s office also released “measurements of student progress” results for grades 3-8, and end-of-course exam results for high school students. The full test results are posted here.

Watch the news conference below:

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