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Real Hope Act, Washington’s version of Dream Act, passes House

Rep. Lillian Ortiz-Self (D-Mukilteo) speaks in support of the Real Hope Act, the Washington Senate's version of the Dream Act, whichpassed in the House on Tuesday.

The House passed the Real Hope Act, the Washington state Senate’s version of the Dream Act, 75-22, Tuesday night.

The bill’s next stop is to Gov. Jay Inslee‘s desk. Inslee, who has been vocal in his support of the Dream Act, has not indicated when he will sign the bill.

The Dream Act would allow undocumented immigrants to apply for state need grants to help pay for college. The House passed its version of the Dream Act on opening day.

The Senate passed SB 6523, its version of the Dream Act, three weeks ago, naming it the Real Hope Act. The Senate bill also adds $5 million to the state need grant.

“I have stood beside community members, beside students and parents as they have lifted their voices, and asked this body to please provide opportunity for all its citizens and students, ” said Rep. Lillian Ortiz- Self (D-Mukilteo). “For years, I have stood besides students as they cried and shared their stories with me, as they tried to hold on to hope, as they tried to dream of opportunity.”

Rep. Mark Hargrove (R-Covington) speaks about his concerns on the Real Hope Act. He voted against the measure.

Rep. Mark Hargrove (R-Covington) opposed the bill, and said that middle class students won’t be helped at all by the bill.

“When he walks around with his classmates of his, one of those two pay no tuition or fees,” Hargrove said. “It’s kind of frustrating for him to be in that situation.”

Majority Leader Rep. Pat Sullivan (D-Covington) told TVW’s “The Impact” Tuesday morning that the House could take action on the bill. Sen. Barbara Bailey (R-Oak Harbor), the main sponsor of the Senate’s Real Hope Act, also spoke about her bill on the live show.

The floor debate was broadcast live on TVW. It will be available in TVW’s archives here, and we will post it to this article when it’s available.

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