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Saturday February 25th 2012, 5:00PM

House Ways and Means Committee

Possible Exec: HB 2127; Public/Possible Exec: SB 5365, SB 6134; Possible Exec: SSB 5982, SB 6079, SSB 6226, SSB 6386, SSB 6468, ESSB 6470, ESSB 6555, SJR 8223 (evening session).


Public Hearing

SB 5365
Authorizing the purchase of retirement pension coverage by certain volunteer firefighters and reserve officers.

SB 6134
Allowing department of fish and wildlife enforcement officers to transfer service credit.

Executive Session

SSB 5982
Creating the joint center for aerospace technology innovation.

HB 2127
Making 2011-2013 fiscal biennium supplemental operating appropriations.

SB 6079
Exempting officers and employees of the Washington state institute for public policy from state civil service law.

SSB 6226
Concerning authorization periods for subsidized child care.

SSB 6386
Enacting measures to reduce public assistance fraud.

SSB 6468
Regarding investment of state research university funds.

ESSB 6470
Authorizing benefit charges for the enhancement of fire protection services.

ESSB 6555
Implementing provisions relating to child protection.

SJR 8223
Amending the Constitution to provide clear authority to state research universities to invest funds as authorized by law.

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