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Tuesday August 28th 2012, 8:00AM

Joint Task Force on Education Funding

Agenda: Welcome, review of K-12 Budget, Review of State Operating Budget, OFM 4-Year Budget Outlook (August 2012), Review of Current System Performance/Comparison of other states, Review of related K-12 work-grps, public testimony.



History of state funding (1995 - present).

How does the Legislature write a budget?

Opening remarks.

Review committee assignment.

Where does the money come from and how is it spent?

Percent of state budget over time (1995 - present).

School district funding by source (state, including LEA, federal, local) and by district.

Historical expenditure summary (from 1995).

Review of K-12 Budget.

Review of State Operating Budget.

Recent history and trends.

Basic education and non-basic education funding.

Per-pupil funding history.

Major budget drivers.

OFM 4-Year Budget Outlook (August 2012).

Review of Current System Performance & Comparison to Other States.

What spending is mandatory and what is discretionary?

Summary of K-12 demographics and cost drivers.

Funding compared to other states.

Review of Related K-12 Workgroups.

Summarize Committee Progress.

Public testimony.

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