TVW Update

TVW Update

“Legislative Review” January 26, 2017

Featured on Thursday’s episode:

-The Senate Law and Justice Committee holds a public hearing on a bill concerning abortion notification rights.

-The House Environment Committee holds a public hearing on a bill that would require paint producers to take part in a stewardship program.

-The Senate Financial Institutions and Insurance… Continue reading “Legislative Review” January 26, 2017

“Legislative Review” January 24, 2017

Featured in Tuesday’s episode:

-State Sen. Brian Dansel, R-Republic, resigns.

-Governor Jay Inslee holds a press conference on youth homelessness in Washington.

-The House Health Care and Wellness Committee holds a public hearing on age restrictions for tobacco and vape products.

-The Senate Agriculture, Water, Trade and Economic Development… Continue reading “Legislative Review” January 24, 2017

House Debates “Levy Cliff”

Monday the House debated the so-called “levy cliff” bill — HB 1059 — that would delay the implementation of lids on how much money school districts in Washington can raise through local levies. The bill was approved on a vote of 62-35. You can watch the entire debate online at… Continue reading House Debates “Levy Cliff”

“The Impact” January 18, 2017

Click here to watch “The Impact” 1/18/2017On “The Impact” – January 18, 2017:
Proposed legislation would abolish the death penalty in the state of Washington. The legislation has support from Governor Jay Inslee-D, Attorney General Bob Ferguson-D, former Attorney General Rob McKenna-R and a list of state… Continue reading “The Impact” January 18, 2017

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