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“The Impact”: Transportation $trategy – Drivers or Transit?

The Impact”:  The federal infrastructure package put money on the table for the state’s transportation planners. Should lawmakers focus on a car-free future or accelerate efforts to make things better for drivers? Hear different sides of the debate over the direction of transportation planning. 

“The state legislatures have a decision about the course of decades of transportation funding in front of them,” said Alex Hudson, Executive Director, Transportation Choices Coalition. “We need to prioritize active transportation and public transit. In the state’s transportation budget less than 4% of those dollars go towards public transit and active transportation.”

“To meet this state’s established climate goals we need to reduce vehicle miles traveled by 50%  and then we need to electricity the remaining 97% of trips,” said Hudson. “We’re going to do that by investing in alternatives to driving that are usable, that are fast, frequent, reliable, and affordable to people.”  

“I think the real priority for the legislature next session should be road improvements, maintenance and preservation, and congestion relief. Those really need to take top priority,” said Mariya Frost, Director, Coles Center for Transportation, Washington Policy Center. 

“I think attacking the single most lucrative activity for the transportation budget,  driving, is not equitable or sustainable at all,” said Frost. “Stop supporting policies that reduce driving and make it expensive and difficult to get around in a car.” 

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