TVW Update

TVW Update

“The Impact” – March 8, 2017

Click here to watch “The Impact” March 8, 2017:

This week on “The Impact”:

Washington state Chief Privacy Officer Alex Alben voices serious privacy concerns associated with expanding surveillance and biometric identification technology. License plate readers are one topic of discussion.

“You know the overall law is

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Legislative Year in Review

On this special one-hour edition of "Legislative Year in Review," we recap the highlights from the 2014 legislative session -- from opening day to Sine Die. The show includes debate over issues such as the Dream Act, minimum wage, gun control, abortion insurance bill, death penalty, mental health, teacher evaluations, taxing e-cigarettes and the supplemental budget. Plus, a quick wrap-up of several of the bills that passed this year. Watch the show below: Continue reading Legislative Year in Review
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