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Civics education has never been more important. Ensuring our students understand how Washington state government works and training them in respectful civil discourse will empower them to voice their opinions and make sure their voices are heard.

Funds raised during this event will help Teach with TVW expand its innovative civics education programs to empower the next generation of engaged citizens.

DONATE NOW and support civics education!

  • $5,000 Provides Support such as Program Expansion
  • $1,000 Provides Support such as Classroom Technology
  • $500 Provides Support such as Curriculum Development
  • $250 Provides Support such as Volunteer Recruitment

Your gift at any level makes a big difference and will be doubled tonight.

 Our goal is to raise the annual Teach With TVW budget $100,000 during this campaign!

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Special Civics Programming October 25 – 29

Each block of programs runs at 8 am and 8 pm on TVW

Sunday Oct 25 – Voting and Elections

  • A Question of Faith: Washington’s Electoral College (2018 Emmy Award Winner)
  • Module on Role of the Secretary of State’s office
  • Module on voting
  • How to watch a Political Debate
  • Module on Role of the Governor’s Office

Monday Oct 26 – The Judiciary 

  • “Supreme Justice” (1999 Emmy Award Winner)
  • Module on Role of the Attorney General
  • More Than Their Crimes: Reforming Juvenile Justice in Washington State (2018 Emmy Award Nominee)

Tuesday Oct 27 – The State Legislature

  • TVW Lookback “First Branch” – documentary on how the Legislature works
  • Module on legislative committees 
  • Module on the role of lobbyists
  • Module on Role of the Lt. Governor’s Office
  • The Impact special on the role of the whip
  • Module on the legislative branch

Wednesday Oct 28 – The Importance of Civics Education, Understanding Law and Government 

  • Isidore Starr: Leading a Revolution in Civics (2015)
  • Module on the WA State Constitution
  • Module on how a bill becomes a law
  • Impact special on the Code Reviser’s Office
  • Module on the legislative process
  • Module of Role of the State Auditor

Thursday Oct 29 – The Importance of Education and the Media 

  • Mariachi Huenachi (2018)
  • Module on Role of Superintendent of Public Instruction
  • Module of the role of the media
  • Module on Role of the Lands Commissioner


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