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TVW covers all three branches of Washington State Government as well as Public Policy events.

This includes LIVE coverage all of the legislative hearings held by standing WA State Legislative Committees as well as floor debates by both the House and Senate.

There are many ways to watch or listen to live and archived content from TVW, explore a convenient way to connect below.

Watch LIVE or on-demand from a desktop/mobile browser.
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TVW Mobile App

Download the TVW mobile app to watch Live and recent events, check the schedule and get special content from your mobile device.

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Roku TV

Binge Watch TVW! right from the comfort of your living rooms smart TV or Roku device. Watch all Air channels as well as binge worthy on demand video.

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Cable TV

TVW is provided on nearly all cable systems in the state. Check out our Channel Locator to find your local cable providers channel location on the Dial.

TVW also provides four Linear channels of scheduled programming, All of these online, mobile and OTT channels can be found here.

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LIVE and on-demand at

You can now watch LIVE committee hearings directly from the committee schedule pages on the WA state legislative website.


Social Media Feeds

Watch LIVE events and press conferences, gain insights and updates on our social media sites.

NOTE: TVW does not start live legislative streaming events until the proceeding is officially begun by the chair or presiding individual. So if a video player does not change from a “Stand By” message at the designated time of an event, please be patient as it will begin to play live video when it officially starts.

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