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Site Help

Which web browser do I need to view TVW’s website?

TVW’s website was designed to support the latest browser technologies. It is compatible with all modern web browsers supporting HTML5, CSS3 and JavaScript. Our supported browser list includes, but is not limited to the following:

  • Internet Explorer (Version 8 or Higher)
  • Mozilla Firefox
  • Google Chrome
  • Apple Safari
  • Opera

A Note About Internet Explorer Compatibility View

Users or Internet Explorer 8 or higher may receive a notice on our site telling them to upgrade. Likely, your browser has been put into compatibility mode by you or a system administrator on your network. To disable it in IE8, simply click the “Tools” menu then select “Compatibility View.”

IE8 Tools Menu

In Internet Explorer 9, simply click on the Compatibility View button in the URL toolbar.

IE9 Compatibility Vew Button

More information can be found about compatibility mode check out Microsoft’s IE Blog post on the topic.

What kind of Internet connection do I need to view TVW content?

We recommend any broadband connection with a speed of 512Kbps or higher. Cable / DSL / Fiber Optic internet connections at home almost all support this speed. Most business have connections that well exceed this. Our videos stream at a rate of approximately 350Kbps. For dialup users, there is the option of streaming audio-only, which is streamed at a rate of 32Kbps, optimized to stream properly on a 56K connection. If your video plays back slow or jerky, there may be too many people in your organization streaming at once for the speed of your connection.

Why can’t I view video on TVW’s site, or why am I only getting black for videos?

TVW utilizes Adobe Flash Player for playback for older browsers that do not support HTML5 video. If you’re using a desktop computer or laptop with an non-updated browser, make sure you have Adobe Flash version 10 or higher installed. You can check your flash player version on Adobe’s site here, and download the latest version here.

Additionally, some hearings that TVW covers do not have video coverage for them. In this case, the audio will be streamed to your browser automatically.

Can I download TVW video?

Coming Soon! In the meantime, to obtain a copy for personal use, E-mail us at

If you need more help…

We are here to help! E-mail us at or use our chat with us using the Live Help chat link located at the top of our site.

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