The week of March 15-21, was Sunshine Week, a national event to recognize the importance of access to public information. In Washington, we took the time to celebrate our Public Records Act, created by Citizen’s Initiative 278 in 1972, and designed to “shine a light” on state and local governments. Here at TVW, we have been your lens on state government for 25 years.

Mark your calendars, we will celebrate again next year, March 14-21, 2020.


Sunshine Week Articles:

3/26/20 – The Lens: TVW marks silver anniversary of “gavel-to-gavel” legislative coverage

3/25/20 – The Olympian: TVW celebrates 25 years of providing unfiltered access to state government

3/20/20 – The Everett Herald: Editorial: TVW marks 25 years as window into state government

3/18/20 – The Daily News: This Sunshine Week, be thankful for TVW

3/17/20 – The Columbian: In Our View: This type of sunshine is a powerful disinfectant

3/16/20 – The Tri-City Herald: Sunshine Week Celebrates Your Right to Know, Guest Opinion

3/15/20 – The Seattle Times: This Sunshine Week, be thankful for TVW

2/24/20 – The Washington State Wire: Q&A: TVW President Renee Radcliff Sinclair on the network’s past, present and Future


TVW Testimonials:

The Hon. Ralph Munro, Secretary of State, 1980-2000

Rowland Thompson, Executive Director, Allied Daily Newspapers of WA

Paul Guppy, Vice President for Research, Washington Policy Center

Misha Werschkul, Executive Director, Washington State Budget & Policy Center

Mauri Moore Shuler, Former NBC Bureau Chief in Tel Aviv, Israel

The Hon. Lynn Kessler, State Representative, 24th District, 1993-2010

The Hon. Karen Fraser, State Senator, 22nd District, 1993-2016

The Hon. Gerry Alexander, Justice, Washington State Supreme Court, 1994-2011

David Zeeck, President & Publisher, Tacoma News Tribune, 2008-2018

Dr. Antonio Sanchez, Director, Intergovernmental & International Relations, CWU


Find more on the National Sunshine Week activities online here.


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