TVW Update

TVW Update

Legislative Review — March 13-17

On This Episode of Legislative Week-In-Review:

– Senate Law & Justice Committee: Domestic Violence Bill

– Senate Higher Education Committee: AP Exam Credit Bill

-Senate Human Services, Mental Health, and Housing Committee: Opioid Use Work Session

-House Debate: Child, Youth, and Families Department

-Senate Commerce Labor & Sports Committee: Civil… Continue reading Legislative Review — March 13-17

“The Impact” – October 12, 2016

Click here to watch “The Impact” – October 12, 2016.On “The Impact” – October 12, 2016:
The entire Oct. 12th episode of “The Impact” is focused on proposals to reduce carbon emissions in Washington State. It features different sides of the debate about Initiative 732, to create… Continue reading “The Impact” – October 12, 2016

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