TVW Update

TVW Update

“The Impact” – Delisting Wolves

“The Impact’: Video

The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service has announced that gray wolves will be removed from the federal endangered species list in early 2021 and that states and tribes will be responsible for managing the species.

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Legislative Review–March 21

On this episode of Legislative Review:

-The Senate Natural Resources and Parks Committee held a public hearing on a Wolf Depredations Bill

-Governor Jay Inslee Held a Media Availablity

-Senate Majority Coalition Caucus Presented their Biennial Budget


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Legislative Review — March 6-10

On This Episode of Legislative Review:

– Senate/House Debate: Levy Cliff Bill

– Governor Jay Inslee Presser

– Senate Transportation Committee: Sound Transit Bill

-House Debate: I-5 Columbia River Bridge Bill

-Senate Debate: Income Tax Joint Resolution

House Debate: Wolf Incidents

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Legislative Review — March 8

On This Episode of Legislative Review:

– House Debate: Wolf Incident-related bill

– House Technology and Economic Development Committee: Work Session on Transportation & Data Privacy

– Senate Debate: Gubernatorial campaign finance regulations

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